Spouse and Domestic Partner Login

Access to all work-related information and resources is available through the MyLabCorp employee login page. Employee Id and password are needed to access their accounts.

Additionally, LabCorp allows family members of its workers to access their accounts on the site. The MyLabCorp login site may be used by LabCorp workers and their family members, as well as family members of LabCorp employees.

Spouse and Domestic Partner Login

Following these procedures will allow you to sign in as a domestic partner or as a spouse:

  • www.mylabcorp.com is the official website.
  • Subsequent to the login box, click on the Spouses & Domestic Partners Login button.
  • Four alternatives will appear: Annual Wellness Screening, CafeWell, Rally, and WeightWatchers. Click on any of these to proceed. When a new screen displays, you’ll have to input your login details for each one.

Annual Wellness Screening: Labcorp Workplace Services offers wellness services through WellConnect Plus to your employer. If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to get yearly wellness checks through this programme.

As a Labcorp spouse or domestic partner, you may establish your own login to visit CaféWell to learn more about Wellness Rewards and other myHealth Account funds. CafeWell is a one-stop shop for all of your health and well-being resources.

Enter missions and challenges, earn myHealth Account cash, and more, by logging on to your spouse’s or domestic partner’s Rally account. Call 888-800-4002 to enrol in an OptumHealth programme over the phone.

If your spouse or domestic partner is a member of Weight Watchers and you’re a Labcorp Health Plan member, you’re eligible for the Labcorp discount on Weight Watchers.