Login Issues

Employees of Laboratory Corporation can log in to MyLabCorp via an online portal. Using the website www.mylabocorp.com, they may view their personal information. Employees at LabCorp may use the portal to establish an account, log in, and take use of the various services offered by their workplace.


Workers have round-the-clock access and can navigate the portal with ease. You may design your own profile and supply your company with whatever information they need.

Login problems? Steps below

Remembering your employee ID and password is really important. Is the MyLabCorp Login site not accessible? If so, there are a few options you may try. In the event you’re experiencing problems logging into MyLabCorp Login, here are a few things to try.

  • The answer to your security question may be the key to resetting your password. We can’t rule out the possibility that you got it wrong.
  • To have your password reset if one of these conditions is not met, you must contact the service desk. If you need help, you may reach the [email protected] email address or phone 336-436-4357 or 877-735-3776.
  • In order to answer your security question correctly, you must know that it is not case-sensitive.
  • Please check your internet connection and browser to ensure the site is not being blocked.
  • Entering every odd alphanumeric combination you’ve ever used in an attempt to remember your password is pointless. If you do this, your MyLabCorp account will be deactivated because you only have three chances to guess correctly.
  • Please contact the IT service desk if this happens so that you may reactivate and change the password on the account you have. Alternatively, you can contact the IT help desk or click on the “Forgot Your Password” page and follow the following instructions.