Employee Benefits

MyLabCorp is a web-based portal for LabCorp workers throughout the world to take advantage of online resources. The MyLabCorp site is the easiest way for LabCorp employees to communicate with their company. Employees can use the online application at www.mylabcorp.com.


You can use the portal’s features only after you’ve logged in. To access your account, you will need both your employee ID and password. You need a reliable internet connection and a web browser that is compatible with the website. Employees can take use of the portal’s features in the following area.

Information Regarding Benefits For LabCorp Employees

The MyLabCorp Employee Portal gives LabCorp employees access to a variety of perks and allowances that are not available to the general public. The following are a few advantages:

  • You will have access to any and all work-related materials you require in the future.
  • In addition, you may take advantage of all of LabCorp’s health benefits for your employees.
  • An employee’s account can be used to see their pay stubs.
  • The ability to download W2s and other employment-related documentation is another perk.
  • Keeping in mind that employees may see their daily job reports via this site is vital
  • Make sure you’re up to date on everything going on in your firm.
  • A discounted fee for weight watcher programmes is available to wives and domestic partners of Labcorp workers who are covered by the company’s medical coverage.
  • Employees’ wives and domestic partners can earn account cash and rally points by using the Rally website.
  • Employees and partners may sign up for yearly health exams on the well-connected plus website.

The portal’s design is quite straightforward and user-friendly. You may easily gain access to an employee’s account by following a few simple steps. Customer service representatives are available in the event of a problem.